Q1. I have found a job, how do I prevent employers from finding my resume/cv?
Ans: go to your account settings, click to disable your account (that puts your account in stealth mode, and when you want to change your career, you can always come back to enable it again)
Q2. How do I communicate with other users in My Job group?
Ans: you can send direct messages to any user in your job group, we are presently working on the chat features, and will roll it out as soon as its done.
Q3. I have a suggestion of a new feature I would like to introduce to my job group, who should I contact?
Ans: suggestions from consumers are the materials that enable us satisfy our customers beyond measure, if you have an idea or new feature you would like us to introduce, send your ideas to ideas@workistry.com , we would do our best to get at it immediately.
Q4. I don’t see my job group anywhere on the site, what should I do?
Ans: we have an icon that you can click to form/suggest a group, we review the group..just to be sure it does not exist, or its synonymous with an existing group..once its approved by site manager, you can now go ahead and post your resume/invite friends.
Q5. How can I contribute to my job group?
Ans: you can contribute by inviting your friends to join which in turns helps your job group grow, you can blog about your group and you can use social networks to advertise your group. Because the ball is in your court, they more employers know about your group, they more they are likely to hire people in your group.